A lawsuit over comments Beto O'Rourke made on the campaign trail allegedly caused a natural gas billionaire "mental anguish."

November 2022

After a botched Taylor Swift ticket release, Ticketmaster is now facing an antitrust investigation by the DOJ.
Read to the bottom for one insulin story you probably didn't hear about last week.
The National Network Opposing the Militarization of Youth is the beneficiary for September & October.
Nominate a group to support with proceeds from September & October.

October 2022

Progressives sent a letter to the White House calling for diplomacy. Within 24 hours it was withdrawn.
Three of the biggest oil companies brought in over $40 billion in profit during Q3 as gas prices remain high.
Republicans going to bat for overdraft charges that big banks use to prey on the country’s most vulnerable.

September 2022

As Congress helps out its private equity donors, new research shows what happens when those firms take over nursing homes and medical offices.
Jackson, Mississippi 150,000 residents are without running water due to a massive flood caused the city's water treatment plant to go offline.

August 2022

GOP war hawks slam Biden initiative for “undermining” Pentagon efforts to prey on desperate young people.
A new show, produced by Amazon's MGM & Amazon's Big Fish Entertainment will feature footage from Amazon's Ring cameras.