Writes about misuse of technology from corporations - uses ai as the image for the article. Have you considered if the the diffusion model being sold as "thought" is to get a legal loophole around admitting its' a new way to store data and thus allowing another loophole for people like amazon to have full rights to everyone's data be it medical records, the invention they're working on, etc. Amazon wants to survey people on video 24/7 and you don't think they will use the loophole they seen an opportunity for with AI?

Ask yourself why is it legal and ok for YOU to make that image that was made from millions of images to an AI that stored the basic steps of turning those images in and out of noise and some matrixes thrown in on how to composite the images and then NOT be able to say well the ai learned your file and owns it. The AI learned about your medical records bc you talked about it in front of your ring camera. The ai saw you post about your schizophrenia on a facebook where you are only friends with family and bc it was "publicly" available it can tell your employer. The device you used to write that new idea down had ai as a core part of it's infrastructure so the idea belongs to this corporation now. Seriously, how can you see ring as dystopian and not the argument that people's work/files fed to ai now belongs to the people who own the ai because they figured out a more efficient way to store image data and developed an algorithm for recollecting reversing those images from noise using that storage module?

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This is a great article, one I shared online (not that my following will add a wing to your house).

One question: I wonder what goes into your decision to exclude at least a quote from someone supporting, or at least rationalizing this pernicious encroachment. I always prefer knowing how any good faith, or even bad faith actor justifies their controversial ideology, especially ones I oppose. Glad you wrote this.

Lastly, I don't know if I'm happier knowing even Wanda Sykes has deep state roots.

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Truman Show chic

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