"This trap of cynicism and despair" and "giving up" are in fact completely rational responses to the very truth you straightforwardly lay out in the earlier part of the post. I never understood critiques of "doomerism" when or even the idea that doomerism is a thing given the reality in front of us. On an individual level we have one tiny insignificant life and I don't begrudge anyone who understands these things doing whatever they want with that life. If you want to argue against that then please do but you don't even try in this piece you simply say there's a "moral obligation" not to give up. To whom or what? Derived from what?

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I take it you have spent exactly zero time looking into how NOAA adjusts the raw temperature data or the machinations it took for Michael Mann arrived at his Hockey Stick chart. You really should take the time to do so, you might find yourself a little embarrassed over this post.

In the meantime, if temps are rising dramatically and all the heatwaves are unprecedented, can you tell me why only 2 states have posted record highs in 2000's?


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